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Client Background

Pets at Home is a prominent UK-based retailer specializing in pet products and services. Founded in 1991, the company operates over 450 stores across the country, making it one of the largest pet care businesses in the UK. Pets at Home provides an extensive range of pet supplies, including food, toys, accessories, and healthcare products for various animals. In addition to retail operations, Pets at Home offers veterinary services through its Vets4Pets and Companion Care Veterinary Practices, ensuring comprehensive pet care and expert advice. The company is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and the welfare of animals. With its knowledgeable staff and pet advisors, Pets at Home continues to be a go-to destination for pet owners seeking top-quality products and reliable guidance for their beloved companions.

The Opportunity

KSB Technologies LTD had the unique opportunity to partner with Pets at Home to enhance their product import process through a series of Proof of Concept (POC) implementations. Our role was to demonstrate the viability and functionality of proposed solutions, laying the groundwork for their development team to refine the architecture and fully integrate the systems.

The centerpiece of the project was the development of a refined product import process. This involved transforming a JSON file containing base and variant product data into custom objects, complete with relevant information and financial prices. These custom objects were then fed into various RESTful services to make the data accessible to the front-end systems.

This process forms a critical part of Pets at Home’s business operations, and our task was to ensure that it is both performant and robust, capable of handling the scale and complexity of the data in a reliable, efficient manner. In delivering this solution, we leveraged a robust tech stack, including:

Key Features
Azure Functions
For executing serverless, event-driven functions.
Azure Blob File Triggers
Used for automatically executing processes in response to changes in blob data.
Azure Cosmos DB
Utilized as a globally-distributed database service for managing data at scale.
Azure Cognitive Search
Employed to make the vast product data easily searchable and accessible.
Service Bus
Deployed for reliable message delivery between applications and services.
Microservices Architecture
To ensure system flexibility, scalability, and independent deployment and development of services.
Swagger OpenAPI
Implemented for clear, standardized documentation of API design.
The Impact

The impactful collaboration between KSB Technologies LTD and Pets at Home resulted in a highly successful enhancement of their product import process. Through a series of Proof of Concept (POC) implementations, we demonstrated the feasibility and functionality of proposed solutions, paving the way for their development team to refine the architecture and integrate the systems seamlessly.

The project’s centerpiece was the development of an optimized product import process, transforming JSON files into custom objects with relevant information and financial prices. These custom objects were then seamlessly integrated into various RESTful services, making the data easily accessible to front-end systems.

By ensuring the process’s performance and robustness, our solution became an integral part of Pets at Home’s business operations, handling complex data at scale efficiently. Leveraging a robust tech stack, our solution empowered Pets at Home to streamline their import process, enhancing operational efficiency and driving business growth.

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