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Student API Integration & Supplier Management
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge Student API Integration & Supplier Management

Client Background

The University of Cambridge is a prestigious research university in Cambridge, England, founded in 1209. It has a rich history of academic excellence and notable alumni across various disciplines. The university operates through a collegiate system, consisting of 31 colleges and six academic schools, providing a unique and supportive environment for students. Cambridge’s global reputation attracts scholars and students from all over the world.

The Opportunity

KSB Technologies LTD was honored to collaborate with the University of Cambridge on a project aimed at refining data management and connectivity between key systems, with a focus on supplier registration and invoice generation. The first component of the project involved constructing a Logic App to bridge the Student API with SAP Concur. This application not only facilitated data fetching and transformation but also proved instrumental in streamlining supplier registration processes.

In parallel, we crafted a second use case – an innovative solution designed to seamlessly connect the university’s CamSis application to Azure’s API Management (APIM) and Event Hub via a Logic App, targeting an endpoint. This real-time data streaming and event-triggered action significantly enhanced supplier invoice management. Both these projects initially launched as Minimal Viable Products (MVPs). Through our expertise and close collaboration with the University, we expanded them into fully operational use cases that now serve as vital parts of the University’s supplier management system.

To deliver these sophisticated solutions, we utilized a tech stack comprising Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Hub, Azure Functions, and Azure Kafka. To ensure the infrastructure was as code, we deployed Terraform, offering an efficient, reproducible, and scalable infrastructure platform. KSB Technologies LTD’s delivery of this project stands as a testament to our commitment to providing bespoke, efficient, and scalable Azure-based solutions, enhancing data management and operational efficiency for our clients in complex environments.

Key Features
Azure Logic Apps
Implemented for seamless data fetching, transformation, and streamlined supplier registration processes.
Azure Function Apps
Utilized for executing event-driven functions and enhancing responsiveness of the overall system.
Azure Event Hub
Enabled real-time data streaming and event-triggered actions, improving efficiency in supplier invoice management.
Azure Kafka
Employed for its powerful real-time data pipeline capabilities, facilitating robust and efficient data processing.
Deployed for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), ensuring a scalable, efficient, and reproducible infrastructure platform.
Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Approach
Adopted to validate the feasibility of use cases, which were subsequently expanded into fully operational features, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success.
The Impact

The collaborative project between KSB Technologies LTD and the University of Cambridge had a profound impact on data management and connectivity within key systems. By implementing innovative Logic Apps bridging the Student API with SAP Concur and connecting CamSis application to Azure’s API Management and Event Hub, significant advancements were achieved. These solutions streamlined supplier registration, invoice generation, and management, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and real-time data streaming. The Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) evolved into fully operational use cases, becoming vital components of the University’s supplier management system. KSB’s expertise in Azure technologies and infrastructure as code deployment with Terraform showcased our commitment to delivering bespoke, scalable, and efficient solutions for our clients in complex environments, elevating their data management capabilities and overall performance.

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