Bodyshop SaaS MVP

Autoflow Transforming Bodyshop Operations with an Intelligent SaaS MVP Solution for Autoflow

Client Background

AutoFlow Ltd is a provider of intelligent and innovative bodyshop solutions tailored to maximize efficiencies in repairer work-flow processes and management. Their state-of-the-art bodyshop management system, AutoFlow 4:G, was introduced in 2000 and has evolved into a market-leading product widely used in over 700 bodyshops across the UK and Europe. The system caters to various customers, ranging from large independent groups, franchise dealerships, fleet managers, to small independent bodyshops. AutoFlow 4:G has earned its reputation as the preferred choice for those leading the way in the auto repair industry, offering user-focused and responsive solutions in a rapidly evolving market.

The Opportunity

KSB Technologies was commissioned by Autoflow to architect and develop an innovative, serverless, event-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) MVP (Minimum Viable Product) solution. The project aimed to revolutionize an existing legacy application for an intelligent bodyshop platform, harnessing a suite of Azure services and other key technologies.

Our initial focus lay in employing techniques such as Domain Driven Design, Event Modelling, and Domain Mapping. These methodologies facilitated the identification of the high-level architecture and initial Microservices needed. KSB Technologies led Event Modelling and Domain Mapping sessions, which proved instrumental in collaborative identification of bounded contexts and domain comprehension.

Additionally, we documented State Transitions for each Microservice, offering a clear visualization of object behaviours and transitions. Technical Spikes were performed to ensure that the architectural solution and technologies were aptly suited for the design. Recommendations were made based on the outcomes of these evaluations.

Our team also established coding standards and a Microservices solution template, provided technical guidance to other development team members, and assisted UX designers with user journey designs. All technical decisions and architectural designs were thoroughly documented, and handover documentation was produced using tools like Confluence and Miro.

The backend was developed using C#, .Net 6, Azure Functions, Azure Event Grid, Azure Storage, Azure SendGrid, Azure CosmosDB, Azure API Management, and integrated with Auth0, Stripe, and Twilio. The frontend was crafted using React and TypeScript, making use of TailwindCSS for stylizing.

Our collaboration with the DevOps team led to the creation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and the implementation of a release strategy using DevOps CI/CD pipelines written in YAML.

Key Features
Azure Functions
KSB Technologies leveraged Azure Functions for developing serverless applications. This enabled efficient, cost-effective development, and automatically managed scaling, freeing the team to focus on delivering quality business logic.
Domain Driven Design and Event Modelling
KSB’s expertise in Domain Driven Design and Event Modelling techniques ensured a solid foundation for the software architecture. It enabled the clear identification of high-level architecture and the initial Microservices required, enhancing the system’s scalability and flexibility.
KSB Technologies successfully integrated third-party services like Auth0, Stripe, and Twilio into the solution. This showcases our ability to seamlessly integrate external systems, enhancing the solution’s functionality and user experience.
React and TypeScript
KSB Technologies used React and TypeScript for frontend development, demonstrating our capability in crafting responsive and user-friendly interfaces that improve user engagement and satisfaction.
Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
Our team’s proficiency in implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform was a key asset in this project. This approach promotes consistency, efficiency, and repeatability in infrastructure deployment, enhancing the project’s overall reliability and maintainability.
CI/CD with Azure DevOps
KSB Technologies implemented a robust release strategy using Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines written in YAML. This underlines our commitment to automating deployment processes for faster, more reliable delivery and updates, facilitating a DevOps culture.
Excellent observability and supportability
Enhanced observability and supportability, offering detailed insights into application performance and health, and robust support structures for troubleshooting and resolution.
The Impact

KSB Technologies collaborated with Autoflow to develop a revolutionary serverless SaaS MVP solution. Using Azure services and advanced technologies, we transformed an existing legacy application into an intelligent bodyshop platform.

Employing Domain Driven Design, Event Modelling, and Domain Mapping, we efficiently identified high-level architecture and initial Microservices. Collaborative sessions defined bounded contexts and object behaviors.

Our team provided technical guidance, established coding standards, and crafted a Microservices solution template. The backend utilized C#, .Net 6, Azure Functions, and integrated with Auth0, Stripe, and Twilio. The frontend was developed using React and TypeScript.

With Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and DevOps CI/CD pipelines, we ensured efficient deployment. The MVP empowered Autoflow with a cutting-edge SaaS solution, revolutionizing their bodyshop platform and enhancing competitiveness.

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